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Do you think your child’s carseat is installed correctly? Did you know 3 out of 4 carseats are not used correctly? ( You can get the installation of your carseat inspected for free by appointment, by a trained CPST (Carseat Passenger Safety Technician) at a variety of locations such as police stations, fire departments, or CHP offices. CPSTs have 30+ hours of training in carseat and booster seat installation and use, so even if you think your carseat is installed right, a CPST may be able to identify impovements you could make to your carseat installation to better protect your child from harm in an auto accident.

The inspection stations nearest to Folsom/El Dorado Hills are:

Or, for more comprehensive lists, see the following

Availability of appointments may vary greatly between agencies depending on how many trained techs they have and their schedules, so you may want to consider contacting more than one agency if you are having trouble finding an appointment that fits your schedule or timeframe.

Carseat Safety

CA Carseat Laws

Did you know in the state of California, children are usually required to be in a carseat or a booster until they are eight years old? Learn the rules and exceptions here:

The Right Type & Fit has additional information about picking an age-appropriate seat, and getting the right fit on your seat.

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Water Safety

Did you know the Folsom Fire Department has a lifejacket loaner program, and you can borrow lifejackets for free?

Emergency Preparedness

The Folsom Police Department has a thorough list of suggested supplies you might want to consider having on hand to be prepared for for natural disasters or other emergencies.

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