Shell Pickup Truck

Today’s model is a shell gas station truck from set 6394 “Metro Park & Service Tower” from 1988:


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Today’s model is a biplane, set 613 from 1974:


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Simple Tractor

From set 6608, “Tractor” (1982):


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MOC Mini-Steamroller

Today’s creation is a mini steamroller from a MOC (make your own creation) competition to create a vehicle using 15 pieces or less. Design is created by Alex Sonny:


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Basic Airplane

This is a pretty basic airplane from Basic Building Set 515 (1990):


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1994 Pizzeria & Pizza Truck

Today’s build is 6350 Pizza To Go (1994)/10036 Pizza To Go (2002).

pizza to go
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1978 Moon Rover

From set 493 “Space Command Center” (1978) and it’s international equivalent, “Command Centre”, we have a small moon-rover:

moon-rover moon-rover1-ours

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1971 Kraft Promo Sports Car

Today’s build is a very simple sports car from a 1971 Kraft promotional set “Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 3“. 12 pieces (16 if you count the tires individually).

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