Anyone Looking For a Good Job Lead?

One of my team-members recently quit to move out of the country. So my boss is now looking for a replacement for him.
The position is primarily developing applications that run on mobile phones, particularly for Android and Blackberry and J2ME (java-based) platforms, though a background in any popular mobile platform is certainly a bonus (iPhone, WebOS, Brew, Windows Mobile, etc).
I wouldn’t say past experience with mobile software is a strict requirement. They did hire me, after all, and I hadn’t done mobile phone software before. If you are adept at picking up new programming languages and have a strong background in Java or C++, that might suffice. Other areas that are not strictly in any way necessary but might be a plus on your application: PHP, audio codecs (AAC, MP3), ANT, SVN, GUI design, databases, etc…
Current projects my team is working on are mostly Android and Blackberry applications,
especially Android at the moment. If this is the kind of job that interests you and you
don’t have that background already, go over to Google’s android developer site and start reading up on the platform and try out some of their developer tools; that’s just my personal two cents on how to break into mobile development if you don’t have experience there.