10041 Main Street

Today we are building the car shop from set 10041 Main Street (2003)


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Lego Armchair

Here’s a design I made up for a lego armchair:


Instructions (PDF)


chair.ldr (LDraw)

Shell Pickup Truck

Today’s model is a shell gas station truck from set 6394 “Metro Park & Service Tower” from 1988:


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House with Garden

Today’s build is LEGO set 376, “Town House with Garden”, from 1978: (229 pieces)


This house in particularly interesting because it’s hinged, so it can be closed up like a real house, or open to play with the inside like a dollhouse. Aside from requiring 2 hinge bricks, the important parts can all be made from basic building bucket pieces.

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Medieval Horse-Drawn Cart

Through Steve’s Lego Blog I came across Lego item 6000, an “Idea Book” from 1980. The horse-drawn cart jumped out at me as being both interesting and something we might have enough of the proper pieces to build.


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Simple Tractor

From set 6608, “Tractor” (1982):


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Basic Building Set Helicopter

Today’s model is a minifig compatible helicopter from “Basic Building Set 1879” from 1992:


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Moon Rover #2

Today’s model is another, slightly more complex moon rover from set 926 “Moon Radar Station” from 1978:


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Blacksmithing Forge

Today we attempted to build a 2011 Lego Kingdoms set, Blacksmith Attack (6918):

6918-1This set is 104 pieces (including all the minifigs and tools). This set mostly uses types of pieces that are fairly common in current/newer sets, but it does require a few technic pieces for the moving parts.

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1994 Pizzeria & Pizza Truck

Today’s build is 6350 Pizza To Go (1994)/10036 Pizza To Go (2002).

pizza to go
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