Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mt. 13)

“Despite the well-meaning Bible dictionaries that attempt to link this parable to various flora of the Middle East, the common mustard plant grows as a small bush, and is hardly the haven for birds. Furthermore, the identity of the birds have already been revealed in verse 19 (cf. v.3): the ministers of the “Wicked One!” This seems to portray a view in which the church will grow into something never intended–a monstrosity in which the very ministers of the wicked one will find refuge in its branches!” -Chuck Missler

Mt 13 – Parable of the Pearl

“In verses 45-46, Jesus again uses a strange Gentile allusion: the pearl. It all sounds good, until you realize that oysters are not kosher! Here again, we see an allusion to the Church. The pearl is the only “jewel” that is the result of a living organism. It grows as a response to irritation. And it is removed from its place of growth to become an item of adornment!” -Chuck Missler

Matthew 9:38, Salt

Matthew 9:38  Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

One more use of salt: Salt is added to cheese in the production process to control bacteria.

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

Did it ever occur to you to wonder why you would even need to pray for God’s will to be done on earth the way it is done in Heaven? Whose will is being done on earth if its not God’s? Man’s? Satan’s? (Mt. 6:10)

Matthew 23

I was watching one of Horizon’s videos of recent sermons today (on Matthew 23).

Well, it turned out, as always, to be a quite excellent sermon, because it just…so well distills the whole gospel into its essence, repeating one of my favorite verses about Jesus’s summation of the ten commandments into just two. Plus, the ever-welcome reminder it isn’t a churchy-fill you need…but a fill of God’s love 🙂

The only people Jesus was ever upset with were the religious leaders (scribes and pharisees) who kept people from finding the freedom that was in god and finding that god was simply love.

Hehe, can anyone say “Amen to that”? This is why I love Horizon (and well the Rock too)–they don’t give you a bunch of BS but just cut to the heart of the message–God is love, oh and by the way you don’t need any of this religion stuff, you just need to know his love.

“Most people don’t realize that god’s not angry with them that god loves them and just wants you to come home to him.

“Some of you grew up in christian/protestant/catholic churches or other religions and the traditions that were non-biblical became burdens on your back that you could never be a good girl or a good little guy because you were a sinner and good for nothing and going to go to hell and get your hands slapped and stand in the corner and it was a bunch of dos and donts and no-no-no you’re bad and you’re naughty and guilt just flooded your soul. And as a full grown adult those things can still control you. This is why Jesus said “whoa you hypocrites” (the only people he got angry at: the religious leaders spreading this mentality). he was angry because his love was for you. he doesn’t want religious liturgy to hang you up.

“You’re God’s sons and daughters, his creation. Your dad is the creator of everything. You’re God’s kid. You’re in a hostile environment on this planet that is against god. you’re told you’re something you’re not and have it obliterated from your mind that you were created in the likeness and image of god not a chimpanzee. You’re God’s creation. And the whole propaganda machine doesn’t want you to know how powerful you are in the eyes of the creator. You’re the adopted heirs to the throne of God.

“All the resources of heaven are at your disposal and there is nothing impossible for you. And yet some of you sit here depressed today, feel defeated. No you’re more than conquers through jesus christ the bible says. You’re the victors, you’re the winners. In God’s eyes, this thing’s all over. Its finished. And you’re already up there with him with a crown upon your head. You’re glorious people in God’s eyes. Its kind of thrilling.

The pharisees wanted tradition in there–such as the ten commandments–became 665/666 different laws. God didn’t want you to try to remember 600 different things, he just wanted you to remember ten things. And then–so simple–four things about god, six things about people. That’s all. And Jesus surmised it as I don’t give you any new commandments but this: Love your God with all your heart mind and soul and strength (the four commandments of moses relating to you and god), and love your neighbor as yourself (the six things about people).
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The Temptation of Jesus

Today’s Daily Wordseemed quite aptly timed lesson about temptations 🙂“God never tempts us to do evil, but sometimes he allows us to go through seasons of temptation in order to make us stronger. In Greek, the words for “temptation” and “test” are the same.”

“temptation attacks us where our identity and mission as the children of God intersect”

“The temptations attempted to distort Jesus’ identity and pull him off mission.”

1) turn stone into bread – attempt to get Jesus to use his power for selfish ends
2) throw self from atop temple – attempt to force God to rescue Jesus from a reckless choice
3) worship satan for riches – wrong means (worship satan) to a right end (all the kindoms of the earth under Jesus)?

Quotes Jesus used to refute satan: Deuteronomy 8:3, 6:13, 6:16 — from the period of wandering the wilderness following the exodus when Isrealites gretly tempted and “chose to fail often”.
“Jesus, however, read Scripture and learned the right lesson from Israel’s wrong example. He succeeded where they failed by leaning wholeheartedly on the wisdom of God the Father. The question is: Do we know what God has said, and do we heed his words?”