Visual Slick Edit Rocks

Visual SlickEdit is becoming more and more my favorite code-editing ide. customizer’s heaven. yeah, for being a $300 editor it better be a good editor right? 😉

to put this in perspective, yesterday i was talking to Don, and he was saying i should put a phrase in all my comments about unfinished parts that i can search for to find them later–he uses “TestCode -” for his comment lable. So I was saying, Ohh yeah, i usually use “TODO:” just force of habit from having used visual studio long enough, and it has that cool little feature that every comment that starts with TODO: goes into this little todolist window that has clicky links to the lines with your todos. Its too bad SlickEdit doesn’t have that feature.

So then today, unrelatedly, I’m sitting ther trying to write a macro to slash-slashify comment out/uncomment massive hunks of code and having a hard time with a bizarre error on the uncomment macro i wrote, so i went to the website for slickedit to see if they had any tips or example macros or anything. And boy did they, in their macros section, they had exactly what i wanted already done and working, as well, as you guessed it, a macro to do a visC++ style todo list window–which i proceeded to modify ‘cuz i wanted it to take up less screen space with the window it popped up, but it works like a charm! yay, the one thing i missed from visual studio i now have. plus i also have cool macros like one to align columns of text so that your typdef structs look all pretty with all the assigned values lining up in an obsessively spaced perfectly order. and i put comment out on my right click menu. and i also got this cool macro to copy the selection to the end of a scratchpad type window to keep typedefs and message structures handy, quickly. oooh, this all is soo… *useful*. Ohhh, looking forward in that nerdy way to playing around with that more.

Also rearranged the toolbars and customized the menus a bit. added a toolbar button for my new todo list macro, and i think i want to redo some of the bmp’s for a few of the ugly toolbar buttons to pretty-ify it, just cuz i can and itd be more aesthetically pleasing 🙂

so yeah, i’m a nerd, ‘cuz finding this cool stuff for my editor totally made my day =)