Team Lunch

We had a team lunch today since G. (a product manager who mostly works off-site with customers) was in town, to celebrate the re-release of the product I’ve been working on. We went to this Brazilian restaurant in downtown. It was kind of fun, nice to get out of the office too. I really need to get a recipe for those Brazilian cheese bread balls; they are so good. I remember thinking the same thing when I went to my Brazilian au-pair friend D.’s Brazilian theme party too. Yum Yum.

Work is moving along, getting into documenting things to pass off to the porting team, which means going back and writing a lot of additional documentation. It’s nice to get the chance to do that, and quite satisfying in moderation, but after a while can get kind of tedious to do for long hours straight…maybe its a good thing its Friday!

I came across this at work reading some documentation….

Q: I need to program ISD chips with prerecorded audio files in exact
address locations. How can I do this?
A: ISD/WINBOND no longer makes programmers for our products.

Taken out of context that just is amusing… Awww, shucks, you don’t make
engineers anymore!?!?…You know, once the government cracked down on our
Cloning/DNA research department it just wasn’t economically feasible to
breed programmers… 😉