How Do You Occupy Your Commute?

During my commute, I’ve been listening to the audio book of On the Shores of Silver Lake one of the middle/later books in the Little House on the Prairie series…because I saw it at the library and I have a weakness for that series…I have the *entire* series (in mismatched paperback)…most of them are kind of old, were my mom’s before I was born, but all the missing additional books got filled in somewhere along the line (maybe in junior high?) and I used to love to read the series…though I haven’t read them in a long time now… kind of fun to re-read… very good descriptive writing of another time and place…and “how life was”, something I find fascinating 🙂 well, that and I just love biographies about everyday life. Anyway, I finished it today five minutes before I got home…so time to move on to my other audio book perhaps. Just thought it was worth nothing that it was fun to “read”…course now I want to jump back in and re-read the whole rest of the series…too bad the library didn’t have all of those in stock on audiobook…ahh well….hopefully I won’t need audiobooks and cds to entertain me for long drives to work for much longer…if only I had an adapter in my car that I could play ipod or mp3 cds or cassette tapes rather than just plain vanilla cds