Blog Import

The new blog is now up (as you can see since you’re reading this). I imported the content from my old blog “Jess the Developer” and a couple of other blogs I no longer maintain. I’m quite happy to be using a fully “self”-hosted setup this time, so we can hopefully avoid a repeat of the previous blogging fiasco when blogger discontinued FTP publishing causing my website blog to get frozen/unable to be updated.

Because of technical issues (I’ll spare you the details), the automatic import feature (which looks really nice) didn’t work for me, and I ended up having to import most of the posts manually. It would have been too difficult and time-consuming to try to import every comment manually across blogging systems, so unfortunately that means you can’t go back and read the original comments on the imported posts. I guess we’ll just have to start making new comments!

Now I just need to work on coming up with a unique theme for the blog so it doesn’t look so generic. Any thoughts on what would make it reflect my personality and blogging goals?