Maxifigure Bunkbed

From set 298, “Nursery” from 1978:


Even though this bed is scaled for a child maxifigure, it doesn’t look too out of proportion for a mini-figure, unless you try to squish it in a house ;-). Continue reading Maxifigure Bunkbed

Maxifigure Baby Furniture

Today’s building inspiration is from a 1980 Lego set, “Bedroom” (Set 5233).


Before the mini-figure came the maxi-figure, and a much larger scale for building stuff, almost dollhouse scale. It’s kind of an interesting scale in the level of detail it allows using non-specialized lego bricks.  The modern mini-figure was introduced in 1978. Over the next few years, they continued to release maxi-figure scale sets, and in a few cases they included mini-figures to use as babies in the maxi-figure sets. So today we’re building baby-furniture that is scaled appropriately for a mini-figure. Continue reading Maxifigure Baby Furniture

House with Garden

Today’s build is LEGO set 376, “Town House with Garden”, from 1978: (229 pieces)


This house in particularly interesting because it’s hinged, so it can be closed up like a real house, or open to play with the inside like a dollhouse. Aside from requiring 2 hinge bricks, the important parts can all be made from basic building bucket pieces.

Continue reading House with Garden


Today’s model is a biplane, set 613 from 1974:


Continue reading Biplane

1972 Lego Train

Today we are building the train engine from Lego set 181:


You will need one 6×12 baseplate and car or train wheels if you don’t have ready-made train parts. We built our baseplate out of two 6×6 plates with another plate under to hold it together.

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Moon Rover #2

Today’s model is another, slightly more complex moon rover from set 926 “Moon Radar Station” from 1978:


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1971 Kraft Promo Sports Car

Today’s build is a very simple sports car from a 1971 Kraft promotional set “Mini-Wheel Model Maker No. 3“. 12 pieces (16 if you count the tires individually).

sportscar2 Continue reading 1971 Kraft Promo Sports Car