My Open Source Projects


PopTrayU is a windows-tray based email notifier written in Delphi forked from PopTray. I was a long time user of PopTray, and although I loved the program, eventually I got annoyed it couldn’t handle UTF-8 emails correctly. And then I started poking around in the source code seeing if I could see what could be done about that bug. I even posted a suggestion for a fix on the product forum. But an entire year later, no one had taken me up on trying to implement the fix, so I decided to take up learning Delphi to see if I could fix it myself.

And since then I’ve fixed quite a few bugs, compatibility issues with more recent versions of windows, various enhancements, IMAP and SSL support, Gmail features, and more.

My GitHub Profile

Additional open source projects and scripts can be found on my GitHub profile.