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Granite Bay Playgrounds

Treelake Park, Big Kid Play Structure (Granite Bay)

Treelake Park

5255 Parkford Circle, Granite Bay

A spacious park with little league fields and a fairly new and modern playground. There is a big structure with slides and climbers and monkey bars, and a second tot structure which mainly offers a slide. There is also an alligator twin rocker, 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings.

Approx 19 mun from central Folsom

(Photo by J. Brown)

Granite Bay Community Park

Granite Bay Community Park

8551 Barton Rd, Granite Bay

This conveniently located park, just off Douglas Blvd, has two play structures, baby swings, horse rockers, rock wall, and a shaded picnic area.

At the intersection of Barton & Douglas.

(Photo by Amy O.)

Ronald L. Feist Park, Big Kid Play Structure(Granite Bay)

Ronald L. Feist Park

9180 Twin Schools Road, Granite Bay

This park next door to an elementary school has two fully-fenced play areas. The big kid side has swings, a typical play structure, and circular monkey bars. The tot area has a smaller play structure (with both a twin slide and a tunnel slide), swings, vehicle rocker, and a geodesic dome climber.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Douglas Ranch Park in Granite Bay

Douglas Ranch Park

5250 Stirling Street, Granite Bay

This small pleasant park next to an elementary school features a picnic area, playground & lawn area. The play structure itself is fairly generic, but does feature four types of slides. The location is only a few blocks off Douglas Blvd.

(Photo by J. Brown)


Granite Bay Recreation List of Parks (no details, just addresses)

Selected Parks in Roseville

Hillsborough Park


1001 Hillsborough Dr, Roseville

This playground, on the edge of Granite Bay, has a sand play area with a pirate ship play structure. There is also a second larger play structure, swings, and sports fields. At Sierra College and East Roseville Parkway.

Apptox 19 min from central Folsom

(Photo by Elizabeth Mathis)

Maidu Regional Park


1550 Maidu Dr, Roseville

This park includes a fun-looking universally accessible playground with a western theme. Play structures include a fort maze, general store, train and station, jail, hotel, and others. More Details & Photos

Approx 22 min from central Folsom.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

(Melba & William) Erven Park


6201 Grand Canyon Dr, Roseville

This is the perfect park for aspiring pirates to engage in thematic play with a realistic pirate ship play structure (complete with map, multiple steering wheels, port-holes, slides, etc) and a large dragon sculpture. It’s located just blocks from Toys R Us, only a few minutes from the Galleria.

Approx 27 min from central Folsom.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Royer Park


190 Park Drive, Roseville

This park may be worth the drive, because of it’s unique castle themed toddler play area. The older kids play structure is equally impressive with no less than 7 slides, including extra-long tunnel and spiral slides.

Approx 29 min from central Folsom.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Mahany Park


Woodcreek Oaks & Pleasant Grove Blvd, Roseville

This park has a low accessible play area for toddlers under a shade canopy, as well as a seperate structure for older kids. It is located adjacent to the library and aquatic centers in Roseville.

Approx 35 min from central Folsom.

(Photo by Janelle Edwards)

Olympus Park


2551 La Croix Dr, Roseville

Climb up a Stegosaurus’ back on the dinosaur shaped jungle gym, or try the dinosaur rocker, in addition to standard climbing equipment. Play structures work well for younger toddlers (dinosaur aside), and shade trees provide enough space to sit and watch in the shade. Restrooms available.

(Photo by City of Roseville)

Cresthaven Park


401 Community Drive, Roseville

This neighborhood park has spheres you can climb through that almost has an air of a solar system theme. It also boasts a small shade canopy over the play structure.

(Photo by City of Roseville)

Elliott Park


1421 Cushendall Dr, Roseville

The highlight at this park is a fun play stucture with a castle theme. There is also a second un-themed play structure. Also has multiple slides, glider, monkey bars, bridge, etc.

(Photo by Elizabeth Mathis)

Fred Festersen Park


2150 Village Green Drive, Roseville

The tot part of this playground looks like a train complete with a smokestack and tires you can crawl through. No less impressive, the big kid structure has really tall enclosed area with a roof with tunnel slides, learning panels adorning the play structure that teach braille, and plenty of fun climbing eqipment.

(Photo by Elizabeth Mathis)

Garbolino Park

Photos1015 Camelia Ave, Roseville

The highlight of this neighborhood park is a truck play item in the sand area, that could become an ice-cream truck, garbage truck, delivery truck, or something else in the minds of children playing here.

(Photo by Elizabeth Mathis)

Roseville Parks & Rec has a parks ammenity list linking to detail pages about their parks.

Placer County Parks & Trails List (brief ammenity descriptions)

68 Parks in 68 Days – Blog with pictures of every park in Roseville.

Selected Parks in Rocklin

Whitney Park


1801 Whitney Ranch Pkwy, Rocklin

This park is worth a mention, and might be worth the drive, because it has a very unique (and large) three story play structure with extra long tunnel slides. It looks well designed and safe with tall fences along the middle levels to discourage jumping and the top levels completely caged. This playground also has a water feature.

Approx 40 minutes from central Folsom, in northeastern Rocklin.

(Photo by Rocklin Parks & Rec)

City of Rocklin Parks (has pictures, ammenity lists, & details)

More Photos

Royer Park (J. Brown)

Mahany Park (Ross Recreation Equipment)

Fred Festersen Park (Elizabeth Mathis)

Diamond Oaks Park (Elizabeth Mathis)

Best Parks In Roseville

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