Playgrounds in Folsom

Playgrounds in Folsom

B.T. Collins Park (Folsom) Tot Play Structure

B.T. Collins Park

828 Willow Creek Drive, Folsom

This hilly park, although it doesn’t have shady parking, has two quite shady play structures nestled amongst mature oak trees. The smaller structure will appeal to but not be too simple to entertain younger kids, and a second similarly sized structure for older kids, slightly further up the hill, features only challenging elements suitable for older children. No bathrooms. 2 baby swings, 2 big kid swings, 2 volleyball courts, non-clustered picnic tables & bbqs. More Park Details & Photos

(Photo by J. Brown)

Briggs Ranch Park

Briggs Ranch Park (Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park)

125 Manseau Drive, Folsom

This park has a play structure and a restroom. 4 swings (2 baby, 2 regular). There is a second very small structure for toddlers, but with only a slide and two steering wheels (and one animal rocker nearby), it won’t hold their attention for long, and they are likely to want to use the big structure.

Located somewhat near the Raleys on Blue Ravine.

*Similarly named Briggs Ranch Mini Park is a different park that does not have a playground.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Castle Park

Castle Park/Folsom Kids Play Park


201 Prewett Drive, Folsom

This popular park featuress two large castle-themed wooden play structures (over wood chips), and has an enclosed sandbox play area with a slide. The smaller castle structure is ideal for younger toddlers just learning to climb play structures, and larger than most toddler play structures. 4 baby swings and 4 regular swings, and a tire swing.

Bathrooms are across the street near Cohn Park.

(Photo by Janelle Edwards)

Catlin Park

(Amos P.) Catlin Park

325 Russi Road, Folsom

Although this playground has a pleasant amount of shade, as it is nestled in a grove of oak trees (to the right of the ball field when looking from the parking lot), this playground is better for older kids. There is a second very small structure with a twin-toddler slide, however, the only access to the slide is by climbing a ladder with rungs nearly a foot apart, which may be too difficult for younger toddlers. There are two big kid swings and one animal rocker. The play structure is to the right of the ball field. This park has a restroom.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Cobble Hills Ridge Park

Cobble Hills Ridge Park

124 Rockbolt Circle, Folsom

This park is fairly enclosed due to the landscaping around it’s perimeter, and is unique in that it can be accessed equally easily from all four corners of the park that have connecting paths to nearby streets (Oxburough Dr, Whiting Way, Gilded Rock Circle, and Rockbolt Circle). There are two smallish play structures, 2 baby swings, 2 big kid swings, animal rocker(s), and a fully shaded picnic area that is right next to the play structure. The comfortable sized grassy area, being fairly enclosed by the landscaping, would be great for kids to play on, if perfectly level turf isn’t necessary.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Cohn Park

(Philip C.) Cohn Park

100 Prewett Drive, Folsom

This park has a small sand play area with an animal rocker, and a toddler climbing structure that includes sand scoopers. The sand tends to get a lot of small sticks from the trees, and bark mixed in since the sand and bark areas are so close together, but gets a pleasant amount of afternoon shade. There is also a larger play structure with a couple slides and tic-tac-toe next to the sand play area. There are also two baby swings and two regular swings. Park has off street parking and a restroom.

Cohn Park is across from Oak Chan Elementary and down the street from Castle Park. Take North Lexington from Oak Avenue to a left on Prewett.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Davies Park

(Bud & Artie) Davies Park


290 American River Canyon Drive, Folsom

This park has a restroom and a play structure over a sand play area with sand diggers and swings. Although there’s a hill right behind the playground, there’s also lots of flat level areas good for riding tricycles or scooters. Two baby swings and two big kid swings.

(Photo by Janelle Edwards)

Ed Mitchell Park

Ed Mitchell Park

306 Willow Creek South, Folsom

This sunny park has a play structure and a restroom, and is adjacent to a large field. Off street parking is available.

This playground is right behind Folsom Middle School (and near an elementary school too), though the parking lot/street access is from a different direction. Right after school gets out this park may be crowded with big kids.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Ernie Sheldon Park

Ernie Sheldon Park

362 Natoma Station Drive, Folsom

This park has a restroom and a large sand play area under and around a ship themed play structure with 2 regular swings and one dolphin rocker. Large trees surrounding the playground give shade to some portions of the sandbox, but do not shade the play structure itself. There is a large field behind this playground, as well as tennis courts and roller hockey courts.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Folsom City Park

Folsom City (Lions) Park

403 Stafford Street, Folsom

The park has two play structures, one for older children, and one “play for all” structure that is ideal for younger children and babies as well as those with physical disabilities. Also has a sand play area. Big kid swings and chair swings are available.

Adjacent to the Folsom Zoo. From Folsom Blvd. heading north: right on Natoma Street; left on Stafford Street; right into parking area. Park at the far end, away from the Library.

(Photo by MyFolsom)

Handy Family Park

Handy Family Park

1700 Cavitt Road, Folsom

This playground (located between Costco and Bel Air Shopping Center) has two play structures and a sand play area. This park, being fairly new, has mostly smaller trees and little shade. Restroom availalble, but not near the play structure.

The playground is on the back side of the park, significantly uphill from the main parking lot. Parents may wish to parallel park on the back side of the park (Listowe Dr) for most direct access.

(Photo by Iona Merideth)

Hazel McFarland Park

Hazel McFarland Park

1780 East Natoma St, Folsom

This park has two play structures, swings (2 baby, 2 big kid), a rubber turf hill (tires, slides, tunnels, sensory items), a single motorcycle themed rocker, a double airplane themed rocker, and a restroom.

Park is located in Empire Ranch, next to Empire Oaks Elementary.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Kemp Park, Folsom

(John) Kemp Park

1322 Bundrick Drive, Folsom

This playground has a fair bit of shade in the summer, and the only parts that are up real high are difficult for younger climbers to get to, so the play structure is well suited for younger toddlers just learning to climb play structures. Park also has 4 regular swings, 2 baby swings, a restroom and a seasonal water feature.

From E. Bidwell, make a right on Clarksville Road (heading behind Home Depot); first right onto Bundrick Drive. The park is on the right.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Keller Mini Park, Folsom

Keller Mini Park

179 Keller Circle, Folsom

This small quiet neighborhood park has a play structure that is great for younger toddlers, with an easy to climb low structure (approx 3 feet up) featuring four slides (including a twin slide and one tunnel slide) and two horizontal climbing tunnels (but no wobbly bridges).

This playground backs up to the Humbug-Willow Creek bike trail as well, providing a short walk or ride to several other nearby mini-parks.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Kenfield Mini Park, Folsom

Kentfield Mini Park*

117 Heaton Way, Folsom

This spacious mini-park has a low play structure, basketball court, 2 big kid swings, 2 sand play areas, 1 sand digger, and 3 animal rockers, and is surrounded by grassy areas on all sides. One of the sand areas gets full morning shade from trees. This is good for tricycles and scooters, with wide sidewalks making a loop around a cluster of trees. The streets surrounding this park are very quiet and low traffic.

*The address for this park is incorrect on the parks & rec map

(Photo by J. Brown)

Levy Park

701 Hunter Place, Folsom

This park is nestled at the elbow of a road, with gently sloping lawn going out in both directions from a play structure and also has 2 baby swings, and 2 regular swings. There are four picnic tables nearby with trees surrounding them for summer shade. A basketball court is at the other end of the park.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Lew Howard Park

Lew Howard Park


710 Baldwin Dam Rd, Folsom

In 2016, The red and blue play structure was replaced with a very different type of play area, featuring a net climber and wobbly discs. The old toddler slide structure remains, as well as the swings (2 regular, 2 baby swings). From Folsom-Auburn Rd/Folsom Blvd, take Oak Avenue (not Oak Avenue Parkway); right on Baldwin Dam Road. The park is straight ahead at the top of the hill. This park has a restroom.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Livermore Park, Folsom

Livermore (Community) Park

6004 Riley Street, Folsom

Although the play structure at this playground is on the small (and tall) side with no shade, there are numerous mature trees over grassy patches at this park that would be good for picnics, restrooms, shaded swings (2 baby, 2 big kid), and a set of sand volleyball courts with fine beach sand that are partially shaded at many times of day making a pleasant place for sand play when the courts are not in use for games. This park also has a popular seasonal water feature.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Nisenan Park

Nisenan Community Park


700 Golf Links Rd, Folsom

One of Folsom’s newest parks! This playground also has a water feature.

From East Bidwell St, take Broadstone Pkwy toward Empire Ranch Blvd, make a left on Golf Links Dr. Make the first right onto Woodglen Drive, street dead ends into parking lot.

(Photo by Janelle Edwards)

Reflections Mini Park

Reflections Mini Park

111 Oxburough Dr, Folsom

This small park has a fairly large play structure for a mini/neighborhood park with a cool fire station theme and multiple tunnel slides, and may have shade at certain times of day. However, do be aware the play structure is close to the (not too busy) street.

From Walmart, make a right on Glen Drive, and then the first right onto Oxburough, park is on the right a couple blocks down.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Windsor Mini Park, Folsom

Windsor Mini Park

131 Kennerly Way, Folsom*

This small park has a play structure, and 2 big kid swings. It also has a couple picnic tables and a small field next to the play structure which would be good for playing lawn sports. No shade over the playground, but the picnic tables are under trees.

Riley St. turns into Kennerly Way after crossing Oak Avenue.

*Note: The parks and rec map has the wrong address for this park

(Photo by J. Brown)

Bigfoot Mini Park

Bigfoot Mini Park

Turn Pike Drive at Whistle Stop Way, Folsom

This neighborhood mini park has a small play structure featuring 2 slides. It also has 4 swings, 2 baby swings, and 2 regular swings, and a grassy area.

(Photo Credit: Lyon Real Estate)

Granite Mini Park

Granite Mini Park

1005 Mormon Street, Folsom

This small one-block park in the older part of town, near Natoma St has a small play structure, 2 big kid swings, and tennis courts.

Best access to the play structure is through the parking lot on Natoma Street shared with the Ridge Community Church.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Hannaford Family Park

119 Lakeside Way, Folsom

This pleasant tree-lined park near the American River Canyon area has a play structure, basketball court, and grassy bits. Morning shade covers the entire play structure except the slide. One interesting piece of play equipment is a spring-hinged teeter totter designed to be used standing or sitting.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Lembi Park

Lembi (Community) Park

1302 Riley Street, Folsom

The main play structure at Lembi is nestled between the baseball fields, near the picnic areas and concessions. It may be a bit challenging of a playgound for younger toddlers, but more fun for older kids. This park has a restroom.

From Blue Ravine Road heading east: left onto Riley Street. The park is on the left adjacent to Folsom Aquatic Center.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Lembi Park

Lembi Park #2

115 Triff Ct, Folsom

Although technically a part of Lembi park, this end of the park almost seems like a completely different park, with it’s own parking lot and access from Vierra Circle. There is almost no shade, but the play structure area does have baby swings. However, some parents may dislike that this somewhat secluded end of the park is also popular with teens or adults looking for a quiet place to smoke, etc.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Mann (Family) Park

1051 Black Diamond Dr, Folsom

This playground has a nice but small play structure over a sand play area. There are two regular swings, and a couple benches where adults can sit and watch that are shaded for most of the day. This park has a baseball field and basketball court as well.

On Black Diamond Rd between Natoma Station Dr and Iron Point Rd, near the outlet mall.

(Photo by J. Brown)

The Preserve Mini Park

1200 Sutter Street, Folsom

On the other side of Folsom Blvd (take Natoma St. to get there), is a quiet little two block dead-end section of Sutter street with a quiet tree-lined park.

The park has 2 baby swings, one motorcycle themed rocker, and two small play structures just right sized for toddlers. There are also two small lawn areas and a basketball court.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Shores Mini Park

Shores Mini Park (CA Hills Neighborhood Park)

100 Hazelmere Dr, Folsom

This mini-park has off-street parking, at the end of a cul-de-sac and is walled in on three sides by fences that back up to houses and shopping centers. There are two small play structures, the smaller of which has a shade canopy, making it a good choice for young toddlers who want somewhere shady to practice stair climbing and small slides, even in the heat of summer.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Steeplechase Mini Park

179 Arbuckle Dr, Folsom

This small park at the fenced end of a cul-de-sac has two baby swings, one swivel ride, one horse rocker, and one small play structure with a slide, and has a bench facing the play structure.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Thorndike Mini Park

157 Thorndike Way, Folsom

This neighborhood park has three slides, a zip line and a motorcycle rocker.

(Photo by Sally Dunbar)

Willow Bend Park (Village D)

Willow Bend Park

Willow Bend Rd at Scheidegger Cir, Folsom

This neighborhood park in The Parkway has a lawn and small playground. The playground has two slides, a couple climbing elements, and a zip-line handle.

From Blue Ravine, take (South) Parkway Dr, making the first left at Willow Bend. Follow Willow Bend until it ends next to the park.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Darling Mini Park

1198 Darling Way, Folsom

This neighborhood park is very quiet and tranquil and backs up to the humbug willow creek trail and a small pond. It has a half-wall separating the park from the street, which will be very welcomed by parents with kids who might run into the street otherwise. has a two foot tall rock wall that may discourage children from running into the street.

From East Natoma, make a right on Darling Way and follow until the street dead ends in 2 blocks.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Bowen Mini Park

1664 Bowen Dr, Folsom

This small neighborhood park is only a couple blocks from E. Natoma, but it is very quiet and tranquil and is right next to the Humbug/Willow Creek trail. Lots of birds chirping and seating areas next to the play structure are shady. Play features includes a spiral slide, wobbly bridge, and spinning rings to hang from.

From E. Natoma, make a right on Bowen Drive, and follow the road until the park appears on the right.

(Photo by J. Brown)

Parks in Folsom: The Folsom Department of Parks & Recreation Department’s PDF map showing all 47 city-run parks (not all have play structures) or MyFolsom’s helpful page with a map, photos, and ammenity lists for many of Folsom’s parks.

The “Summer 2010” version of the parks & rec map has several corrections that are not yet on their website. Please be aware of the following corrections (provided by the Parks & Rec department at our inquiry) to the PDF map above:

  • Windsor Mini Park is located at 131 Kennerly Way
  • Kentfield Mini Park is located at 117 Heaton Way.
  • Hazel McFarland Park is 1780 E. Natoma Street
  • Hinkle Creek Nature Center / Area is 7000 Baldwin Dam Road.
  • Natoma Station Mini Park B (Deer Rabbit) is 214 Orange Blossom Cir.
  • Nisenan Community Park is 700 Golf Links Dr.
  • Willow Hill Reservoir Community Park is 321 Barnhill Dr.
  • Folsom Aquatic Center (within Lembi Community Park) is 1200 Riley St.

Note that Beacon Hill Park, Cambridge Place Mini Park, Chadwick Mini Park, Cummings Family Park, Egloff Family Park, Garden Club Mini Park, Hinkle Creek Nature Area, Natoma Sation Mini Park B (Deer Rabbit), Prewett Mini Park, Rodeo Park, and Wellfleet do not have play structures. Willow Hill Reservoir Park does not currently have a play structure, however, one will be added in its next phase of development.

Additional Photos

B.T. Collins Park
B.T. Collins Park (J. Brown)

Hazel McFarland Park
Hazel McFarland Park (J. Brown)

Folsom City Lions Park
Folsom City Lions Park (J. Brown)

Lew Howard Park, tot structure
Lew Howard Park (J. Brown)

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