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Miller Park

4641 Kenneth Ave, Fair Oaks

The play structure is very simple but the younger kids find it very entertaining. Super spacious and well kept. There are many olive trees with knotted trunks and squirrels everywhere. Warn kids that playing near hot coals left on park bbq’s isn’t a good idea, to prevent burns.

(Photo by Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District)

(Fair Oaks) Village Park

4238 Main St, Fair Oaks

A beautiful park with large heritage oak trees and a fairly run of the mill playground with slides, monkey bars, baby and regular swings, and a sandbox. One unique thing about this park is that it has chickens running wild. You may even find them roosting on the play equipment or begging for food. Warn your little ones that some chickens can be aggressive so they don’t get pecked! This park is also home to Fair Oak’s summer concerts series, and is right next to a quaint shopping district.

(Photo by Sally Dunbar)

Fair Oaks Park

11549 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks

The playground has about 4 different slides, 2 bridges, 2 different sets of swings for toddlers and big kids, a large sandbox and plenty of grass (with a soccer field and baseball diamonds). Yelp reviews warn of the potential presense of shady characters at this park.

(Photo by Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District)

Phoenix Park

9050 Sunset Ave, Fair Oaks

Lots of open green spaces, two small playgrounds, basball diamonds and hiking trails to see vernal pools in the spring. Expect to do some walking to get to the play structures.

(Photo by Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District)

Little Phoenix Park

9041 Phoenix Ave, Fair Oaks

This neighborhood park has a small playground and a picnic area.

(Photo by Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District)

Montview Park

4401 Minnesota Ave, Fair Oaks

This park has a small playground and a large green lawn great for throwing down a picnic blanket.

(Photo by Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District)

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