Java Programming

Java Code Snippets & Hints 
This is a page where I’ve collected various useful snippets of code and techniques.

Working with C++ Data in Java
This is a PowerPoint presentation (21 Slides) I made for an interview. It discusses some of the issues that come up when working with C++ data in Java, such as data type conversions, likely pitfalls, and using C++ code in a java application (through JNI).

Converting C++ Unsigned Numbers to Java
Web-page version going into a little more detail than the powerpoint above about working with data from a C++ data stream in Java and how to do simple type conversions to read the data properly.

Dependency Injection in Spring 
This was a document I made originally to pin on my bulletin board as a memory aid about how to use the Spring Framework to inject a dependency into another class at runtime.

Eclipse JDT Icon Cheat Sheet 
Reference chart (MS Word) of the different icons that appear in Eclipse, formatted to fit compactly on one page. Created for the Europa release of Eclipse.

JavaOne 2005 Highlights
Some of the highlights of what I learned from attending this conference. I put this together in preparing for a presentation to share the highlights with my coworkers who didn’t get to attend the conference.

Blackberry Development Notes 
This is a page where I’ve collected various notes I took while doing blackberry development.

Setting JList Selection by Keyboard Entry
Blog post (by me) about how to update the selection on a JList based on multiple keyboard keypresses.