More Organizing Quotes

“When most people say “I don’t have time” they really mean “that isn’t a priority for me”. I’ve found that 99% of the time, if you want to achieve something you will MAKE the time, dropping other things off your list if necessary.”

“Perseverance makes the difference between failure and success.” ~ Our Daily Bread

“Clutter will never look good, no matter how much you dust it or shift it around.” ~ movinghands

“Voluntary simplicity isn’t about giving things up — it’s about making room in your life and your mind for the things that really important to you.” ~ Online Organizing

“Here’s my definition of clutter–anything you own, possess, or do that does not ENHANCE your life on a regular basis.” ~ Online Organizing Dot Com

“A creative mind always has more ideas than the physical body is able to carry out. The only people who finish their ‘to do’ list are dead.” ~ Online Organizing Dot Com

“Research shows that 80% of what we keep we never use. Stuff is our security blanket. Yet, all the stuff in the world will not fill a hole in the heart.” ~ Online Organizing Dot Com

“‘The things you like to do, you do well.’ Just think about this for a minute. If we like housework, we’ll do it well, If we don’t, we won’t. Its that simple.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Being organized will give you more free time, contribute to a cheerful nature, and add to the peace and security of your home.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Even an organized person has days that aren’t efficient and well-managed.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“If I move systematically and consistently through the house, I can be completely done with everything hours sooner than if I’d taken a haphazard approach.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Work at getting organized like a hobby. Set aside a certain amount of time each day (or whatever time your budget will allow). While it may indeed take a fair amount of time to establish order, once it is achieved, you will save more time than you have ever spent.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“There’s a U in every excuse.” ~ Deniece Schofield

” There are more important things in life than housework? When things are orderly, there is more time for whatever your ‘more important things’ are.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Because things are orderly, minimal time is spent housecleaning. I have a lot of free time while I still enjoy the benefits of a tidy, comfortable home. From this viewpoint, housework doesn’t seem so bad, does it?” ~ Deniece Schofield

“A plan does not fence you in….it is your roadmap to freedom…a workable plan makes it possible to reach that destination much faster and with much less effort.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Preventive Maintenance: Don’t start today by doing yesterday’s work.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Decluttering tip: Ask yourself do I need this? How long has it been since I used this? Do I need so many?” ~ Deniece Schofield

“Remember the law of the home: Junk expands to fill the space available, plus one room.” ~ Deniece Schofield

“The mere contemplation of work causes more fatigue than the job itself…fatigue is not always related to the amount of energy we use but to how much we dislike the task.” ~ Deniece Schofield