FlyLady Organizing Quotes

The Flylady

I first heard about this mailing list from some comments on a friend’s blog. A mailing list about how to maintain a clean orderly home? Sounded pretty good at the time. So I checked it out. And got some of my attitudes about cleaning “flywashed”.

“The point of cleaning isn’t to have a pristine house, it’s to have a FUNCTIONING house.” ~ Flylady Mailing List

“Smell: This is our strongest trigger for memory. Just use your crock pot or bread machine and you will find that coming home to the wonderful smells of meals being prepared will bless your family and you.” ~ Flylady

“Clutter = Collected Litter, Ultimately Taking Time and Energy to Retain.” ~ Flylady

“One little rope could not hold Gulliver down but hundreds of them did. We can break those ties that bind us; one ineffective habit at a time.” ~ Flylady

“The key to routines is you don’t clean when things are dirty, but you clean by routines and things stay clean and don’t GET dirty.” ~ Flylady

“None of us have enough time, yet we all have the same amount. It is time that we quit whining about this and accept that we can’t get it all done and just do what we can.” ~ Flylady

“Life is too short to dwell on what doesn’t get done. Celebrate what you do every day and start fresh each morning.” ~ Flylady

“Not every paper is a keepsake, believe it or not. If you save everything, that diminishes the value of those special ones. They get lost in the clutter.” ~ Flylady

“Your attitude has to change from ‘Why do I have to do this!’ to ‘This is my home and I deserve to have a wonderful place to live, this blesses my home, and my family and most of all me!'” ~ Flylady

“I have watched the people in my life that are born organized and what I have noticed is they tend to do the same thing in the same order every single morning.” ~ Flylady

“You can’t organize clutter; you can only get rid of it!” ~ Flylady
“How much does your clutter cost in peace of mind or missed opportunities?” ~ Flylady

“Many of you are searching for the magic pill that is going to change your life and your home…The trouble with a magic pill is that it doesn’t work unless you take it.” ~ Flylady