Misc. Pattern Block Templates

Free printable designs that can be used as templates (AKA cards or mats) for building pattern block pictures.

How to use: Each image links to PDF formatted vector illustration of the given design, formatted for standard US 8-1/2×11″ paper. They are designed for standard sized (1″ sides) pattern blocks such as the ones from Melissa and Doug or most teacher supply stores. Make sure to print at “100%” or “actual size” and NOT “scale to fit page” if you want the pattern blocks to fit on top of the design, and set the paper orientation appropriately. To make your mats more durable, you may wish to print on cardstock and laminate. I also have printable pattern blocks are available for making your own paper pattern blocks for cutting and gluing art projects.

Fairy Tales

Cinderella’s Carriage




Assorted Themes

More Pattern Block Templates

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