Minecraft Party Favor Crayons

Minecraft Crayons are a nice accessory to go with the minecraft coloring books. Labels applied to the party favor crayon boxes show the different color dyes and crafting recipes corresponding to the included crayon colors.

We couldn’t find plain party favor crayon box packs at Party City so we decided to redecorate Thomas party favor crayons into Minecraft Crayons with stickers since train tracks and minecart tracks are basically the same thing. It would have been nice to start with “plain” party favor crayons though, because the individual crayons did have thomas printed on the wrappers (oops), but we didn’t have time to track down plain crayon favor packs or re-wrap the individual crayons with custom wrappers.

Here are the labels we came up with for the crayon colors, with crafting recipes for corresponding dye colors:

Free Downloads

Download PDF of Crayon Labels that print on 1″x3″ labels (Avery 5436):

Free Minecraft Crayon Favor Labels PDF

Print on Avery Labels 5436
(5) 1×3″ labels on 4×6 sheets

Alternate version with cutting lines specific to the border on the Thomas crayon boxes:

Crayon Favor Labels For Thomas Crayons PDF

Has cutting lines to fit labels on
Amscan DesignWare Thomas crayon boxes
Print on Avery Labels 5436
(5) 1×3″ labels on 4×6 sheets

If you wish to use a different label template, here are images of the individual labels without boders to make your own labels:

Crayon Label – Red & Yellow

For Front of Crayon Box

Crayon Label – Green & Blue

For Back of Crayon Box

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