Minecraft Party Favor Mini Coloring Books

To make sure we had something really following our theme we made mini-coloring books (quarter page size). 16 pages when finished, each coloring book requires two sheets of paper (I suggest printing on a duplexing laser printer if possible so you don’t have to manually duplex) which you cut in half horizontally and then fold into a book and staple.

It turns out stapling a quarter page size book is harder than it ought to be. A standard stapler only reaches 4 inches or less, and the “seam” on the coloring books needs to be 4 1/4 inches in, and a “long reach” stapler from office depot is $35, which is more than I wanted to spend for this project ;-). I was amazed that even at office depot they didn’t have a single “regular” stapler that could reach even a quarter inch further, you would think that would be a selling point ;-).

So we ended up making our own longer-reach stapler jig by buying a regular stapler that can fold apart for stapling to walls (because I needed a new stapler anyway) and a cheapie $1 mini-stapler from walmart to use for parts (which ended up only being the staple catch-plate that bends the staples) and a free large paint stick from lowes and some hot glue.

If you’d like to make your own minecraft coloring book party favors, I’ve added a generic version of the coloring book that is not customized with a name on the thank you page (back cover) you can download for free here:

A preview of the pages included in coloring book:

Minecraft Mini Coloring Book Page 1Minecraft Mini Coloring Book Page 2Minecraft Mini Coloring Book Page 3Minecraft Mini Coloring Book Page 4

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