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Filetype Icons:

Cute And Fuzzy Filetypes
Most are animals, although they also include notepads, art supplies, and other various images. All are in vibrant colors to bring your computer to life. Includes java, ai, dll, html, inf, jpg, zip, sys, pdf, ps, log, bat, doc, and others. 30 icons.
Programming Files & Folders
Contains file-type icons for Visual Basic, Java, and Sparc Assembly. (There are more programming icons in Cute And Fuzzy Filetypes). 16 icons.
(note the assembly .s file is designed to coordinate with the “Filetype Icons” Theme at Jun’s Icon Studio).
Windows 95 Style Files
Crisp white files, with elegant simplicity. These match the icon style of Windows 95.

Windows 98 Style Files
Refined, shaded look matching icons included with Windows 98.

Mac Grey Files
A unique style of “3d” grey files similar to many macintosh icons.
ZigZag Files
These files have a white/gray striped pattern, designed to complement the Gizmo Mac Icon Theme by M’s Factory.

Other Styles
Files that have a look all their own. Unique and standard looks, not fitting into above categories.

System Replacement Icons:

Desktop Replacement Icons
Contains: My Comptuer, Network Neighborhood, Internet Explorer, Recycle Bin Empty and Full, and Workgroup. 6 icons.

Drive Icons
Contains C thru G plus assorted drives for your SUBST’d drives. Also contains floppy, cd burner drive, and cd regular drive. 17 icons.

Folder Icons:

Windows 98 Styled Folder Icons (Set 1)
These are folder icons designed for individual folder replacements, such as for your mp3 folder or personal documents folder. School, Games, Windows, Zips, Photos, Astrology, VB Programming and others included. 24 icons.

See Thru Folders
My version of what a folder icon should look like. Contains Plain, Personal, MP3, School, Windows, and Purple Folders. 7 icons.

Application/Shortcut Icons:

Dos Games (Set 1)
Use these icons for shortcuts to your favorite DOS Games. Contains Double Dare, Elfland, Jill of The Jungle, Spit Wad Willy, Wacky Wheels, Squarez Deluxe, Spider Run and Moraff’s Blast. 15 icons.

Icon Letters
Contains at least 3 different icons for each letter of the alphabet. Could be used for shortcuts to dos applications. 134 icons in 3 icl libraries.

Partial Preview:

App Icons
Icons for shortcuts to programs. Includes: FTP, Calc

Icon-Related Things:

Preview Add Rename To Your Recycle Bin
This .reg file adds rename to the right-click menu for the recycle bin. To install just double click and select “yes i’d like to merge this into the registry”
html Desktop Customizations
Contains web-view wallpaper images. Also contains a behind the scenes look at the making of the SeeThru Folder Icon and a glimpse at some of the icons I use.
html Changing the icon for files with no extension
includes a sample .reg file on how to change the icon and associate files like “foo” which don’t have a file extension with a program.

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Note to Icon Artists:
Thes icons posted on this page only include ons that are my original work. Some may be adaptations of fantastic icons by other artists. If I have inadvertantly included an adaptation on this page that contains your copyrighted image, and you would like me to credit your contribution and link to your site or remove the image, please email me at the email address shown on the main page of this site. thanks. -jessica