Vista Icons

I admit, I love classic icons. In fact, I never even took down my page of them. But there’s so many icons I’ve been using on my computer for years that I’ve fallen in love with, and found the need to upgrade to look their best on the latest OS with its new icon views. All of these have 256×256 views that I have added to fit with the style of a classic (XP/98/95) windows icon. In many cases I have created missing formats (such as 48×48) that frequently are used by the OS, or simplified the 16×16 view to be more clear and distinguishable. Where possible, the original artist has been credited (please contact me if you have information about who to credit for any of these classic icons!)

Right click on the download link and “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”

A cute Japanese style cartoon. I use this as the “user” folder.
A cartooned ruby imac suitable for use as a my computer icon.
A colorful icon for Macromedia Flash videos and objects.
A simple slightly shaded grey file type icon for true type fonts.
A distinctive icon for java programming files.

Icon used for download file links is LGPL by Everaldo.