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My College Admissions Essay: Why I Want(ed) to Study Computer Science

My Programming Blog

Desktop Software I’ve Written

  • PopTrayU – Open source email-notifier written in Delphi
  • ColorTool – HTML Color Eyedropper tool written in visual basic
  • Binary Calculator  written in visual Basic
  • Same Game – Windows implementation of a game I liked from Linux. Written in visual basic 6
  • Same Game – Java Applet version, to play online (may not work with modern browsers)

Web Programming

  • Escape Codes – A very simple script that converts < and > to &lt; and &gt; so you can paste html as source code (Javascript, written by me)
  • Bookmarklets – Javascript links you add to your bookmarks to “fix” webpages, such as removing the background to make it print nicer.

Geek Reference Material