Night at the Museum

Today we attempted to build “Night at the Museum”, Lego City set 60008 using our existing lego bricks. It’s a bit more…colorful…but the same basic shape.

Here’s how it came out:


More Minions


Batman Minion by Elspeth De Montes

Her Superhero Minion Gallery includes the likenesses of Superman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine. They are based on the Bricks Ben minion design, which is pretty complicated and uses a lot of studs not on top building techniques.



LegoTessa has a video of how to build her minions. These ones are a bit smaller and look quite doable without having to order a whole pile of bricks from pick-a-brick.



10041 Main Street

Today we are building the car shop from set 10041 Main Street (2003)


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Double Decker Bus

This takes a LOT of windows…but it’s worth it, it was a pretty cool one to make…and no weird parts!


From set 313 “London Bus” from 1966 Continue reading Double Decker Bus


From set “LEGO City Train Station” 7937. You will need the entire instruction booklet 1 (of 2) for this model.


I picked this model to build, because it uses a bunch of “modern” car-parts we got from pick-a-brick and build-a-car.

4259673   4521778    4260124

But it did require one unusual part we didn’t have for the front bumper, which I blogged about yesterday.

So, here’s how it came out:


I didn’t have any of those rounded roof pieces that is sloped up higher in the middle to accommodate minifig heads, so I had to add a row of flat bricks below the roof to give more clearance for heads.



Taxicab Alternate Grille & Bumper

Since I didn’t have one of these in my collection, I had to make an alternate bumper and grille.


Notice how the back of this piece has a slight curve so the wheels don’t hit it? That made my first prototype not work at all, and it took a couple tries to get a design that really worked. When I made this model, I tried different bumper styles in the front and back, but this one worked better.

car grill_1_0_0_0_1_0_0_0_1_5_2550_300_DPI_1



Parts List


Building Steps

car grill_page_1

download as printable pdf


Lego Armchair

Here’s a design I made up for a lego armchair:


Instructions (PDF)


chair.ldr (LDraw)

More Bunkbed Ideas

Last post about bunkbeds for a while, I promise ;-). I really love this proposal from Lego Cuusoo:


Aside from being bright and colorful, there are some clever things they do here to make it look realistic, like using 1×1 headlight bricks for the ladder, and using bars/poles for the ladder rungs instead of a flat brick. And the desk lamp using two antennas? clever again.

minifig bunkbed




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Maxifigure Bunkbed

From set 298, “Nursery” from 1978:


Even though this bed is scaled for a child maxifigure, it doesn’t look too out of proportion for a mini-figure, unless you try to squish it in a house ;-). Continue reading Maxifigure Bunkbed