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From the Comic Strip “Bound and Gagged”: Moses’s Tablets

LoL, Ironic Isn’t It?

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Chinese takeout food with chopsticks

The best and most popular chopsticks in the world come from the American state of Georgia. One company called Georgia Chopsticks makes an incredible 2 million chopsticks a day, which are exported to China mostly, but with some ending up in Korea, Japan and the United States.

Comic Relief: Waldo, meet Carmen

Today’s strip is from “Mother Goose and Grimm”:

Carmen San Diego was one of my favorite computer games when I was a kid. My friend L. and I were running around for days announcing “We caught Carmen! We caught Carmen!” after we finally won the game together.

Computer Science 101

I was a bit amused because one of the things I noticed when I was tutoring intro to computer science was exactly that, thinking computer science was about designing and playing video games. Many of those were the same people who ended up hating programming and changing majors, it just wasn’t what they expected it to be, more work, less fun.

Safety Fail

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while!

From FailBlog:

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Tomorrow the election will be over!

The Top 11 Entries in Bill Gates’s Diary

From: The Top Five List humor mailing list

11. Invited entire tech-support department to play golf. Brought Melissa to complete the foursome.

10. Steve Jobs started work today. The silverware looks great, but he doesn’t do windows — yet.

9. The baby cries constantly. Maybe I’ll buy Fisher-Price.

8. Bought my first Macintosh. It’s sooooo cute!

7. Good day. Found over 15 bucks’ worth of soda cans in the trash bins outside Microsoft headquarters.

6. Bad day. Ellison sent back the heads of two of the three hitmen I hired, along with a note saying he ate the third one whole.

5. Still ahead of Murdoch and Eisner. Yes!

4. Reminder: 35-cent Snapple coupon expires in two days!

3. Memo to self: Next time, when my wife says we need to buy china, she means dishes.

2. Ran into Demi and Bruce. Upped my offer to a billion dollars.

and the Number 1 Entry in Bill Gates’s Diary…

1. Seventh day: rested.

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