Overview & Introduction

Study of Exodus

By Jessica Brown

Overview & Introduction

Exodus itself means “exit” or “departure”, and covers primarily, the exit from Egypt of the Jewish people.

Major Segments

Exodus can be divided into three segments. Each segment features a different physical location, different varieties of repeated words

Segment  Reference Theme Major Repetitions
Ex. 1-12 Israel In Egypt Pharaoh, heart, staff, sign/miracle
Ex. 13-18 Israel in Wilderness (above+) firstborn, test, grumble (synonyms),
bread, manna, sabbath
Ex. 19-40 Israel at Sinai law, tabernacle/tent/tent of meeting

Major Reptetitions

Here are some of the major repetitions that echo throughout the entire book of Exodus:

  • slave(s) / bondage
  • cry
  • deliver(ed)
  • Mount Sinai / Horeb / Mountain of God
  • die / death
  • holy
  • the Lord (I) commanded
  • covenant
  • cloud
  • test(ed)
  • law
  • tabernacle / tent / tent of meeting

Big Picture Ideas

Shadow of Things To Come

Although you can’t draw this conclusion just from reaching Exodus, as you read the new testament, you discover the physical practices God lays out in Exodus correspond to a spritual counterpart in the new testament:

O.T. Physical Practice Text N.T. Spiritual Counterpart
Animal Sacrifices 1 Cor 5:7 Jesus the Lamb
Ten Commandments Gal 6:2 Law of Christ
Sabbath Day Heb 4:1-9 Eternal rest in heaven
Incense Rev 5:8 Prayer
Candles Rev 1:20 Christians are Light
Physical Sanctuary 1 Cor 6:19 Our Bodies are a Temple
Holy Water Acts 22:16 Water Baptism
Altar Phil 4:18 Self Sacrifice
Separate Priesthood Rev 1:6 Every Christian is Priest
Priestly Garments Rev 19:8 Clothed by Deeds
Physical Music: Harp Eph 5:19 Spiritual Music: Heart
Mandatory Tithing of 10% 2 Cor 9:7 Freewill Giving


Throughout much of Exodus we see a contrast between the faith of the Hebrews and various Hebrew characters, and the lack of faith of the Egyptians.

Cause and Effect of Faith (See Also Heb 11)
Character Mindset (Cause…) Action (Effect…)
By Faith… Moses’s Parents Were not afraid of the King’s edict Hid baby Moses for 3 months
Moses Looked to the reward Refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter
Considered the reproach of Christ greater than the riches & treasures of Egypt Chose to endure ill-treatment with the people of God, rather than the passing pleasures of sin
Did not fear the wrath of the King Left Egypt
Saw Him who is unseen Endured
Feared God/Believed God would protect them against the death of their firstborns Kept the passover and sprinkled blood
Hebrews Trusted God Passed through the Red Sea as if it were on dry land
Lacking Faith Egyptians Had no faith in God Attempted to cross the Red Sea but were drowned

Application: In what situation is God calling you to step out in faith and trust Him? What promises of God are you trusting?

Lessons to Learn

Pay attention throughout Exodus for how this applies to your own life:

  • Truths about God that cause me to worship Him
  • Leadership lessons learned from Moses
  • Miscellaneous “Lessons for Life”

“Mark every place that the word cry is used in the Word of God and you are going to see that when God hears the cry of people, even though they are ungodly, God comes to their rescue because He is God.” (Kay Arthur)


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