Illuminated Manuscripts

Typically an illuminated manuscript includes hand-painted full color illustrations (often with gold-leaf), decorative block caps, or colorful borders or other decorations in the margins.

Illuminated Bibles

Ottheinrich Bible

john-crucifixion-of-jesus.jpgAn 8-volume illuminated New Testament. Originally commissioned in 1430, but the majority of the illustrations were not completed until Mathis Gerung was commissioned to complete the illustrations between 1530-32.

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Maciejowski Bible

moses-rod-serpent.jpgThe Maciejowski or Morgan Bible was created around 1260 AD and illustrates Genesis through David in story-book fashion. The original captions were in Latin, but later translated into Persian and Judeo-Persian in the margins.

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Prayer Books

The Hours of Henry the VIII

sheep.jpgA Renaissance devotional book containing such elements as a Calendar, Gospel Lessons, Hours of the Cross, etc. Illustrated by Jean Poyer c. 1500 AD

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Prayer Book of Claude de France

tethered.jpgThe Prayer Book of Claude de France is a richly-illustrated miniature prayer book (text in Latin) made the french queen Claude in Tours, France (c. 1517)

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Books of the Apocalypse

Las Huelgas Apocalypse

whore-of-babylon-large.jpgA medieval Spanish commentary on the Apocalypse by the monk Beatus of Liébana (c. 1220 AD)

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Bamberg Apocalypse

woman-baby-450.jpgA medievial manuscript from c. 1000AD containing the Book of Revelation and a Gospel Lectionary. Illustrations include considerable use of gold and silver leaf.

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Dyson Perrins Apocalypse

6th-vessel.jpgThis Latin manuscript was from England, probably London, c.1260
Style: Tempera colors, gold leaf, and colored washes on parchment.
Each page contained a brief passage from the Apocalypse, a brief commentary, and a half page illustration. (MS. LUDWIG III 1)

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Trinity Apocalypse

7th-vial.jpgContains the text of the Book of Revelation, with a commentary and detailed vivid illustrations. It was written in French in England circa 1260 AD.

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Miscellaneous Illuminated Manuscripts


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