My Dresser

The dresser design was done in 100% Acrylic. Most of the design and painting was done my junior year in high school. As for the design, it is partly original, and part inspired by the artworks of Christian Reese Lassen (that would be, like, my favorite artist or something). The side (the purple flowers and the vine were something i invented off the top of my head. As for the rest of it, one day I just decided, “I wanna paint a mural on my dresser”. The drawer with the mountains came first, along with the planets and sky. The middle drawer background was also part of the initial burst of creativity. That fish isn’t supposed to be a lone fish. The original plans called for that drawer to be covered in fish and even have a couple dolphins. At the bottom was supposed to be a coral reef. Somewhere in the middle was gonna be an island with a palm tree. Maybe someday i’ll finish it. In the meantime, the top three drawers were as they are now, and the bottom two had rainbows of excess paint that I had wiped off my brushes. But those two drawers were an eyesore, so i went back and painted them to match the sea. Not exactly the coral reef I dreamed up, but they’d do “in the meantime,” till I got around to finishing the rest of it. Well, that never exactly happened, heh heh. Someday.

My Inspiration

In the meantime, here’s the sources of my inspiration…. The calendar pictures that started it all. The first one was the source of the mountains. The second was where the planets came from. The third is a close up of the red fish I attempted to duplicate, which was on a different calendar page.

Hawaii Sea Passage (image linked to zoom of mountains)   Sea Galaxy of Life